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Discover Maracajau and Margay Villa, only 45 minutes drive from Natal's  International airport


Brazil’s undiscovered boho paradise just 6 hours 45 minutes from mainland Europe and a million miles away from anything you’ve encountered before.

Think paradise getaway and the mind probably wanders to Bali, Indonesia’s Gili islands, Baja California or the spice islands of Africa. They’re the picture perfect, non-stop sun destinations tipped by the travel press and life’s explorers over the past years.

And yet Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte region is fast becoming the must-discover destination for those in the know. The city of Natal is the capital of  the  safest, sleepiest region in Brazil and the closest to Europe.

An undiscovered gem with a thriving community and crystal clear ocean waters, Maracajau is just one hour outside of Natal. 

In 2012 Natal local authorities has proudly cut the ribbon to present Brazilians with one of the largest airports in the Country, the new International Airport Sao Goncalo do Amarante, built to have the highest aircraft traffic in the Northeast of Brazil and only 45 minutes driving from Margay Villa.

Maracajau provides perfect climate to kite surf and scuba diving enthusiasts; In October  2017 this pristine environment will host the Brazilian National Kite surfing championship, one of the many reasons it is tipped to be the next hot destination and has, for several years now, played host to an increasing number of entrepreneurial, cultivated and adventurous international visitors. And with all year round sunshine and  temperatures averaging between 27 - 30 degrees Celsius, Maracajau is an ideal destination for trips whatever the time of the year.

Until recently  high quality accommodation has been scarce but Brazilian national and London based, Valeria Zilkha and her husband, Doron – who fell in love with the region – set about giving Maracajau the prominence it should have on the travel destination agenda, while retaining its laid back charm and natural beauty.

The pair have invested time, resources and love into creating Margay Villa, a unique commanding and expansive space that offers visitors the chance of a true magical experience while relaxing and renew themselves in this beautiful, diverse part of Brazil. Margay Villa  has been created using all local materials and skills and is sustainable to both the local environment and the local community.

Margay Villa


Created in celebration of the old ways

Margay Villa takes its name from the Tupi language, an extinct language spoken by the Tupi Indian people of Brazil, mostly those who lived close by the sea.


Maracajau means ‘river of the wild (Margay) leopard’ in Tupi and so Margay Villa refers to the beautiful and solitary climbing cats that once lived in the area.


Sittings of these beautiful creatures are exceptionally rare these days, sadly, especially since the Margay leopard is a unique in the fact that it is largely nocturnal. It also has exceptional ankle flexibility, which enables it to climb and live mainly in the trees and coconut groves, rarely setting foot on the ground.


As part of our evolving local story, Margay Villa celebrates this beautiful animal and the habitat in which it comes from. 

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